Food Safety and Traceability

Segovia’s Distributing Inc. prides itself on maintaining the highest standards of food safety, traceability, security, and quality available. Every process of getting our fresh produce from the farm to the fork is monitored, inspected and purchased from HACCP, GIP, GAP or 3rd party inspected Farms. This is done to minimize the risk if contamination and chance of poor or bad Agriculture practices.

Segovia’s Distributing is a HACCP certified, USDA, FDA inspected facility and a NSF Cook and Thurber certified 3rd party inspected facility receiving a 97 on our most recent score.

Food Safety is a key piece of our daily operation and is a solid commitment to our customers. Segovia’s adheres to all Federal (Food Modernization Act), State and local requirements for food handling and safety. All Produce received, whether it is a large premium grower or local small farm, are required to adhere to stringent Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) to ensure food safety.

**Security is monitored at our facility’s via a camera system, fenced properties and card controlled access points along with a Food Defense program to provide product security.

**Cooler temps monitored 24/7 year round through automated system, temps manually double-checked and recorded.

**Even the trucks in which produce is transported to us or the customer are inspected for cleanliness, odor, security and proper holding temperatures. Maintenance of cold chain from farm to delivery is a priority for Segovia’s and is monitored from receipt to delivery to ensure the maximum quality and shelf life possible.

Quality Control

Segovia’s Quality Control Team inspects all incoming and outgoing orders to ensure the freshest and most wholesome produce available. Our QC team takes pride in ensuring that all produce meets or exceeds USDA standards..


Segovia’s has complete traceability plan in placeof all products entering our facility. This is important in today’s food safety environment as the FDA has reported significant increases in food recalls. Our recall Team can respond to a Recall and notify our customers within a few hours from notification. And, while we’ve never been involved with a serious food safety recall, we practice our process with mock recalls throughout the year.

Our commitment is to provide the safest and freshest product on the market to our customers.



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